“The AiForward program can give the opportunity to do image analysis faster and more unbiased.”

What do you do and what is your research focus?

I am a PhD student at the Voutilainen Lab at the University of Helsinki’s Institute of Biotechnology. One of the interests of our lab is the identification of suitable drug treatment for Huntington´s disease (HD). HD is a fatal inherited neurodegenerative disease. I am focusing on the research of the effect of a promising protein on HD at the preclinical level. Our aim is to reach clinical level and use it in the treatment for HD patients.


Why did you apply to the aiForward program?

The AiForward program can give the opportunity to do image analysis faster and more unbiased.

Had you thought much about using AI in your research before applying to aiForward?

Yes, I had thought using AI in my research due to manual counting of the cells is time-consuming and quite often can be biased. To eliminate these issues it is necessary to use several researchers.


Tell us a little bit about your aiForward project.

My Aiforward project is based on the analysis of huntingtin inclusion, which can be found in in vivo models and in HD cases. There are several types of inclusions and the aiForward program can help to analyze them and separate based on the type of the aggregates. Nowadays there is no most convenient method to count these inclusions, however most of them are based on manual counting.

What are your expectations for the program?

Our expectations are that Aiforward can make our analysis faster and more accurate!

Applications to the aiForward program are accepted on a continuous basis.

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